Legal PowerPoint Presentations

Electronic presentation in the courtroom is commonplace these days, and PowerPoint is just one of the tools that we use to take advantage of that venue. It offers a review and presentation tool that is familiar to our clients.  Our design team has taken the time to master this application and push it to its limit. By combining the design skills of our professional staff along with advanced PowerPoint techniques, we are able to deliver the perfect balance of static and motion graphics to tell your story.


PowerPoint for
Focus Group
PowerPoint for Markman Hearing
PowerPoint for
Mock Trial


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Obiter Dictum

"I have worked with Think Twice on a number of projects and always found the quality of its services and work product to be excellent. I highly recommend Think Twice to anyone preparing for trial or preparing for an important mediation or hearing."
Susan Harriman, Partner
Keker & Van Nest LLP, San Francisco