Demonstrative & Document Exhibits

The demonstrative exhibits required for your next hearing, trial or arbitration can be categorized as follows: (1) extensive document treatments with highlights and callouts (2) macro and micro timelines and chronologies, (3) customized maps and scene re-creations, (4) graphs and charts, (5) diagrams and schematics, (6) analogies and comparisons, and (7) technical and medical illustrations. We've developed thousands of demonstratives, as both still and motion graphics, in all of these categories for litigators like you.


Diagram for Trial
Document Treatment for Motion Hearing
Technical Illustration for Focus Group


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Obiter Dictum

"I have worked with Think Twice on a number of projects and always found the quality of its services and work product to be excellent. I highly recommend Think Twice to anyone preparing for trial or preparing for an important mediation or hearing."
Susan Harriman, Partner
Keker & Van Nest LLP, San Francisco