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Why do today's textbooks utilize graphic images next to the text? Because illustrating the text with charts, pictures and diagrams enhances the reader's comprehension. In print or as an exhibit in an e-brief, the graphics we craft can add new layers of understanding to your written pleadings, strengthening your advocacy at the earliest stage.


Diagram for Initial Pleadings

What's Hot

Jury Awards Millions in Corruption Trial
Think Twice supports City of Compton in huge public corruption lawsuit.
Amicable Settlement for Paris Hilton
Think Twice supports Paris in $10 million defamation suit.

Obiter Dictum

"The team at Think Twice worked tirelessly to provide an exceptionally high quality work product helping to simplify the patent issues and show the Court beyond doubt that our opponent is infringing our client's patent rights."
Eric R. Lamison, Partner
Kirkland & Ellis LLP, San Francisco