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Alternative Dispute Resolution

We turn content into assets you can leverage in negotiations and all varieties of alternative dispute resolution.

Arbitration: from boards to complete presentations, we'll help you be prepared as though you were headed to court.

Mediation: we can help you negotiate from a position of strength, without giving anything away, should you need to go to trial.

Settlement Conferences: our settlement video and brochures let the opposition know you're ready for court if necessary.


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What's Hot

Jury Awards Millions in Corruption Trial
Think Twice supports City of Compton in huge public corruption lawsuit.
Amicable Settlement for Paris Hilton
Think Twice supports Paris in $10 million defamation suit.

Obiter Dictum

"The team at Think Twice worked tirelessly to provide an exceptionally high quality work product helping to simplify the patent issues and show the Court beyond doubt that our opponent is infringing our client's patent rights."
Eric R. Lamison, Partner
Kirkland & Ellis LLP, San Francisco