T2 Holiday Party 2005

Ice Skating/Dinner at Thirsty Bear

group Paul
About to open presents A toast from Paul
Tom & Craig Nate
Tom and Craig Nate tries to figure out what it is
Henning Leslie
Henning gets an aquarium Leslie and her apple crisp
Jas, Andy, Alexis Ralph
Jasmine, Andy and Alexis Ralph opens a present
Diana group
Diana works in the LA office Group shot
Craig Phil
Craig jams on his ukulele Phil steals Craig's ukulele
Tom group
Tom gets the movie Office Space Shane, Ben, Phil and John

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Obiter Dictum

"Your team's ability to tackle both the horrific time constraints and the intricacy of the case was tremendous. You moved in concert with both client and legal counsel, with wisdom and grace under incredible pressure."
Belinda Savage
PENSCO, Inc. San Francisco