Articles for Practitioners

Ten Tips to Better Courtroom Visuals
Use these quick tips to maximize your effectiveness in the courtroom.

Litigation Support: Content & Context
Your presentation must educate, advocate & motivate your audience.

You Only Get One Chance to Make a Great First Impression
Use visual tools to make a powerful Opening Statement.

Six Essential Questions Jurors Want Answered
The lawyer’s idea of how to answer these questions may be very different from what jurors expect to hear.

Total Recall
Use a variety of demonstrative evidence tools to help jurors retain pivotal facts and aid in persuasiveness.

The Changing Face of Juries
Gen X and Net Gen jurors were raised in the information age, and the way they process, evaluate and retain information is very different from Baby Boomers and Traditionalists.

Who Wins the Battle of the Experts?
First and foremost, an outstanding expert witness is a good teacher.

Persuasion and the Role of Visual Presentation Support
This landmark 1986 University of Minnesota/3M Study explores the impact of visual support on persuasiveness.

What's Hot

Jury Awards Millions in Corruption Trial
Think Twice supports City of Compton in huge public corruption lawsuit.
Amicable Settlement for Paris Hilton
Think Twice supports Paris in $10 million defamation suit.

Obiter Dictum

"Your team's ability to tackle both the horrific time constraints and the intricacy of the case was tremendous. You moved in concert with both client and legal counsel, with wisdom and grace under incredible pressure."
Belinda Savage
PENSCO, Inc. San Francisco